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47 NEWS!

Full Moon Party at the Papaya Playa Project in Tulum, Mexico

Papaya Playa Project

I’m back on the road after performing last November in Madrid, but this time I’m up for something a bit different: a few months traveling around Latin America, researching the implementation of the Viral web platform and developing my own nomadic art project. In partnership with the portuguese House of Latin America and Porto’s City Hall, the Sound Escapes project combines travel writing, sound art and field recording. More news about that to follow.

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Madrid is back to Nature


After a 4 years break, the legendary Nature Club in Madrid has just reopened. Inspired by her trips to London, New York or Brussels, Ana Bueno launched Nature Club in November 1995, as a razor-sharp reaction to the city’s cravings for underground alternatives to commercial club music. Nature stroke Madrid like a delightful hand grenade and soon became a reference, giving birth to countless other clubs and collectives.

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Finally my payback to Jack Kerouac: “Lost, Beat & Bop” [FL03]


Released this April, “Lost, Beat & Bop” was my first solo release, and one I feel strongly about. Inspired in the works of Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation, it reflects a preeminent side of my personality, one that is now and forever on the road. I hope you enjoy listening to it and I’d love your feedback: please use the comment field below to speak your mind.

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2013 on Steroids: Lesbian Tours, International Recognition & Beans


At first, this post doesn’t look much different from my last one: in fact, it’s been one year since I wrote my last update to this virtual hideout. Wait a minute… is it March 11th again? Please believe me when I say that I didn’t choose the same day as last year on purpose. Rest assured that I actually just noticed and am kind of freaking out myself about the whole coincidence. What are the odds?!

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2012 Non-Stop: Viral, Freima, Dance Club, Club447, Double Date, & other grooves


Distraí-me pelo que pareceram ser dois segundos (ou um fim-de-semana daqueles) e há já quase um ano que o meu site não recebe notícias novas. Nos entretantos já mudei de casa e de cidade pelo menos duas vezes e, longe de estar quietinho e caladinho com a cabeça entre as orelhas, envolvi-me em cerca de várias aventuras interessantes no reino das coisas criativas, sozinho ou em colaboração com os melhores profetas rebeldes. Passo a citar aquelas em que depositei mais tempo e energia, e que me são talvez por isso mais queridas.

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tue 24apr // mutante #8 (by señor pelota) ft. fulano47 – free download!!


MUTANTE é o nome de um novo programa de rádio, mas também de uma festa mensal no Lounge, em Lisboa, cujo anfitrião é o nosso querido Señor Pelota: baptizado André Soares, Pelota anda nas lides do vinil há mais de 13 anos (o suficiente para ter juízo, embora no caso não se aplique) e está desde 2007 ligado à FREIMA por laços de família, amizade e árduo trabalho. Apresenta-nos em 2012 esta nova proposta em formato podcast/festa.

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