2013 on Steroids: Lesbian Tours, International Recognition & Beans

At first, this post doesn’t look much different from my last one: in fact, it’s been one year since I wrote my last update to this virtual hideout. Wait a minute… is it March 11th again? Please believe me when I say that I didn’t choose the same day as last year on purpose. Rest assured that I actually just noticed and am kind of freaking out myself about the whole coincidence. What are the odds?!


The Lesbian Tour

Summer was sweet. One week before the beginning of August I flew to Athens, where I had a lovely gig in a venue called Senza and from where my friend Vangelis and me sailed towards Lesvos, a beautiful island populated by some of the warmest people I’ve met, both locals and visitors. In Lesvos we dropped beats at the Beach Street Festival, Musiko Kafeneio and at the legendary Parasol Beach Bar. I wrote an extensive article about this trip, that you can find (in Portuguese) right here.

A couple of weeks after I left Lesvos, I hit the clouds again, this time towards Azores, Sta Maria island, to play with Sininho, Glam, Slam Dance and Valise D’Images at the Maré de Agosto festival. Amazing crew, great festival and again lots of fun: I guess that when you get used to island mode it’s just too difficult to let go…


International Recognition w/ Viral

What a busy year at Viral‘s laboratories! After spreading our online events guide to all the 20 districts of Portugal, the project was selected to represent our country in the 5th Ibero-American Congress of Culture in Zaragoza. As if that wasn’t enough, the team composed of Carlos Quitério, Mónica Planche, Tiago Abelha and me (backed by Ideavity) came home with two prizes — an innovation prize, from the hands of Filipe, the Prince of Asturias himself (WTF?!) — and an entrepreneurship prize from Wayra, an acceleration project from Telefonica. Perhaps the greatest prize of all was meeting agile minds and free spirits from all the Ibero-American countries, which I hope I will meet again sooner then later. Growing steadily month after month, Viral is now conspiring to infect other countries: beware, yours can be next!


Rice and Beats

Mixing music and gastronomy, here’s something that had been on my mind for quite a while, and which I eventually manage to get going, together with Mónica Planche and with the help of the Double Date crew, and also starring DJs Mike Stellar and Trol2000. The recipe is pretty straight forward: 2 professional DJs who are also aspiring chefs, 1 DJ booth integrated with kitchen facilities, plus a bunch of nice people to feed and entertain. We’ve performed this at a gastronomy event called “Essência do Gourmet” and the truth is that the show is getting better every time: both concerning the music and the food.

I was also invited for curator of the Gastronomy interventions at the “S, M, L, XL Fashion and Design Week“, an outstanding event produced by ESAD in Fábrica de Santo Thyrso. My mother was also curating, namely the Literature interventions: check her out. I invited Chef Rø for a culinary performance, Rita Sequeira for the jewellery exhibition “Spices Are a Girl’s Best Friends”, and I ended up interacting with Monika Piñeiro, a close friend and marvelous chef, who was quite rhythmically cooking on stage while i seasoned the beats. Oh, and mum was there too,


New Releases from Freima Labs

Freima Labs‘ 2nd and 3rd release are out — A Mariana EP by Miguel Torga, with remixes from Alex FX and Cleymoore (which was actually played live by Richie Hawtin…) and Melted Pitch EP by Reverb, with remixes from Umbra and Naus. The 2nd release from the Freima Free series (free download) is also out and consists of an EP called Doravante, which represents the absolute debut of Naus, a portuguese electronic project to keep an eye on in the near future.





Return to the Sauce

After Usseira, Lisboa and Aveiro, mysterious forces aligned which facilitated my to return to the source, and so I came back to my hometown, Porto. Not only was I lucky to find a mind-blowing house in the absolute heart of Porto’s downtown, but also to end up with such charming flatmates as Bernardo, Kaixo and Alma. Above you can see a video clip shot at our place for Throes + The Shine, and below, another video clip of a really cool track by Kaixo called “Drop Out”.


Unsigned, Unmastered, Unheard

Despite of not having much time left for music production, one always manages to find a sweet spot somewhere between tasks to push them buttons and turn them knobs. Besides my upcoming EPs for Freima Labs and Sui Generiz, I just made public the previews for a couple of unsigned tracks: tell me how you fancy them!



2013 was the year where I ultimately became a reality juggler, combining three of my greatest passions: writing, cooking and music making. Considering there is a slight possibility that I’ll be forced by the Portuguese (lack of) government to become an outlaw in the nearby future, 2014 seems to be opening itself widely to new experiments and conspiracies. This time though, I won’t promise to write soon: March 11th 2015 seems like a great date for my next post. Until then, all the best for you all, keep in touch!



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