Madrid is back to Nature

After a 4 years break, the legendary Nature Club in Madrid has just reopened. Inspired by her trips to London, New York or Brussels, Ana Bueno launched Nature Club in November 1995, as a razor-sharp reaction to the city’s cravings for underground alternatives to commercial club music. Nature stroke Madrid like a delightful hand grenade and soon became a reference, giving birth to countless other clubs and collectives.

Some months ago, the cultural web platform I’ve co-founded in 2012 – Viral – was invited to participate at the 4th Ibero-American Biennale of Design, having also received a Mention of Honour. We thus decided to head out to Madrid and collect it in person at the Matadero cultural centre. Soon after that, I was surprised to find out that Ana had just reopened Nature, where I had played several times in the past with Lukkas and Cláudio as Jedi Nights.

Determined to spend my birthday in Madrid, it was the gods’ will that it fell on a Thursday: Nature’s night. Ana invited me to spin records right away and the rest is history. The 27th November I’ll share one of my all-time favorite DJ booths with M.E.M.O, Nature’s current resident DJ (together with Sugar Free).

How many years have gone by since I played in Nature for the last time? I decided to investigate and ended up at our old poetic-terrorism collective’s blog, where I found the following flyer and collection of lovely photos, concerning a gig we did as part of a one month tour through Spain that turned out to be an apocalyptic-on-the road-texas-chainsaw-massacre-journey packed with sound, sleep deprivation and lust. I’m definitely looking forward to next Thursday.

Jedi Nights & Pinka at Nature Club (2005)


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